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ADDIE Soft Ltd. is a full-cycle custom software and software product development service provider, and supports you at any stage of your product evolution.

Web Design & Development.

At ADDIE Soft Ltd., we can help you stay up-to-date by helping you create a custom website. We don't just design and develop websites but we transform them to powerful business channels.

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Our Expertise on Software Development, Web Design & Development, , Data Entry with Content Management, Maintenance with client support and Any IT Enabled Services.

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ADDIESoft Core Values

Core Values

ADDIE Soft Ltd. consists of the core values that we believe provide accountability to us as a company. It lets our customers know that as we grow we will not lose focus of who you are and what we promised them. It is our company’s identity that not only differentiates us from our competitors, but allows us to serve as leaders in the enterprise software space. It helps us measure our impact with our customers and for the market as a whole. The core values that we had when we were only 25 people are still the same core values we have today…and we plan to keep it that way. That’s something we are madly proud of.

ADDIE Soft Ltd. core values starts with integrity, mutual respect, teamwork and communication. The list goes on to include innovation, customer satisfaction, quality, fairness, compliance and ethics. It's important to the company that employees treat one another with mutual respect to foster a healthy and open working environment.

Another core value on ADDIE Soft Ltd.'s list of leadership principles is "customer obsession." According to ADDIE Soft Ltd., "leaders start with the customer and work backwards," so while leaders are aware of competitors, they are always more interested and focused on the customer. After this customer-centric view, ADDIE Soft Ltd. encourages ownership, simplicity, a sense of being right, strong hiring practices and high standards.

Client Focusing - Our clients' success is our only priority. We are passionately focused on driving customer success and eagerly place our creativity and knowledge into this direction. We do everything for our capabilities to coincide with our customers' wants. It's why we always work a little bit harder, a little bit longer, and a little bit smarter. Our values allow us no excuses and no compromises. And above all, we provide total accountability. We are committed to develop a system exactly meeting our client’s business requirements with guaranteed quality at a reasonable cost.

Fast Communication - In depth discussions of all project-related issues with the client guarantee that the project will meet specified requirements and estimated time frames. We understand the importance of communication and client support, and maintain a faster feedback policy. Our attention also goes to keeping you up-to-date of the status of your project, providing you with scheduled reports and updates.

After Sales Support Service - Our technical support and quick response are provided to all of our clients. We are confident in the quality of our work and back it up with a 6-month warranty. Also, the warranty term may be extended and we are available for system support and maintenance at any time.

A Skilled and Dedicated Team - Great work comes from a great team. We have a strong team which is a blend of programmers, designers, and analyst and visualizes. We are a group of highly qualified young professionals. Our team believes in pushing the limits while exploring, innovating and creating. We go with you step by step from conceptualization to content development and functionality issues. At every step we focus on your goals, and how best to materialize them through utilization of technology.

Continuous Improvement and Perfection - We believe that continuous improvement of our products, processes, services, and skills provides long-term success for our employees, dealers, and customers. Constant perfection has been noticed as a passion of our development team and shortly it turned into our global obsession

Affordability- It is affordable! We are ready to tailor a custom solution within your budget so that you Affordability - It is affordable! We are ready to tailor a custom solution within your budget so that you can always afford it!